Help for Companies hit by Ransomware

A horrible use of bitcoin has been making news across the USA.

Ransomware is a malicious program that allows a criminal hacker to lock or “freeze” the victim’s computer. The victim then has to pay a ransom with bitcoin to have their computer unlocked.

Another type of ransomware is called a “cryptolocker”. This malware encrypts files on the computer so that they cannot be opened. It then requires to pay the ransom before decrypting them.

Think of it like someone changing your user login password and telling you that you have to pay them before they will give you the new password or allow you to open the files you need to do business.

The ransomware is installed by clicking files that seem innocuous, often they are disguised as PDFs attached to an email. The versions we have personally seen looked like a bill and said “Your account is past due. Please pay the attached invoice immediately.

We have recently and unfortunately had an influx of new clients that have had ransomware issues. Ransomware is hard for a company to avoid. Their employees are paid to open email and many companies get invoices from dozens if not hundreds of sources. That would be hard for anyone to track and know what emails not to open.

Companies should have a plan in place for when (not if) they are effected by ransomware.

We offer a Ransomware Help service for businesses and healthcare organizations that have been effected by any bitcoin related crime.

Call us at 844-Bank-BTC or visit

Ransomware Help

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