Signal Subscribers Get Bitcoin!

We talk about the Signal app constantly because it is an amazing tool. Here in the United States it protects our privacy and security from a host of threats. More importantly, in countries around the world it is one of the only ways for people under authoritarian governments and in oppressive situations to speak freely.

Recently leaked FBI documents prove that iChat and Whatsapp are not really secure, but Signal is.

Signal does all of that without advertising or selling user data.

For years we sent Signal annual bitcoin donations. There were a few steps that made the process hard for many non-technical users. Yesterday Signal made donating easy by offering regular subscriptions and donation buttons. We want to celebrate and encourage people to donate so we are starting a new promotion.

Use the Signal app to call or text us at 513-900-1282 and tell us that you support Signal. We will check your profile for the Signal supporter badge. If we see the badge, you get a credit towards your next bitcoin trade!

Signal Boost or Sustainer 1 Badge – $5 credit
Sustainer 2 Badge – $10 Credit
Sustainer 3 Badge – $20 credit

  • You must contact us using the Signal app
  • We must see one of the Signal supporter badges on your profile
  • You must meet all normal requirements for trading with us
  • Credits are only good on trades placed after 12/2/2021
  • Only one credit per month per customer

If you need help subscribing to Signal check out this page

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