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This is not an offer to trade out of escrow on Localbitcoins. If you were sent a link to this page it is because there is information here you need to read before we can do business. Once you are done reading this, please return to Localbitcoins to complete your transaction.

Looking for deals on bitcoins? Check out our special offers is a website that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins online (we prefer

If you are a client looking to buy bitcoins from us or sell them to us on LBC and you have questions call 1-844-Bank-BTC. To see our bitcoin trading ads go to our LocalBitcoins Profile

Because our focus is on our clients, we do not have time to respond to all messages that are not for legitimate trades or “chat”. The forums on LBC are the best resource for finding people to talk to and ask questions.

Time is money and unfortunately we have been forced to block people who start trades on LBC just to talk. If you are not a client and want to talk about Localbitcoins or have questions about something on Localbitcoins, then please contact us directly through our contact page.


Frequently Asked Questions about our service

How do I use a different payment method or different amount than in your ads?
Currently the ads showing are the only ads we offer. We often provide a larger selection of payment methods on Bitwallet because of their lower fees and better security.

What if I want to buy a large amount of bitcoins ($1500 or more in one transaction)
We can help you with that but you will need to contact us directly to discuss the terms.

Why did I get blocked?
The most common reason is that people do not read the ads or follow the instructions. It could also be that you said or did things commonly associated with scammers. If you want to be unblocked read this page first and then give us a call.

Do you require ID?
The identification requirements vary based on the amount of the trade and payment method. For more about that please read our compliance page or give us a call[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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