Bitcoin Slang and Trading Terms

Special thanks to Dinbits for helping us put this together. Check out his bitcoin trading calculator

Ad or advert – A trade advertisement to buy or sell Bitcoins

Assburger Syndrome – When someone asks people for help and then doesn’t like the answers they give. If that person ignores the help or responds by cursing and being stupid he/she has Assburger Syndrome.

Chargebacker – Someone that makes makes payment and then reverses payment after the transaction is finished

Coin Locker – A buyer who opens trade, marks paid, then vanishes, leaving coins locked

Dispute – When one party of the trade files a formal complaint to have the trade reversed or bitcoins locked in escrow released

Escrow – A third party that holds bitcoins until payment is verified. (see in depth explanation here)

Feedback – When a person leaves a comment or rating about another trader. On LocalBitcoins these currently have no value as they are easily faked and negative feedback is often left by the competition to destroy a trader’s reputation

Feedback Faker– Person who imitates someone else, by putting their name in feedback

GTFO – “Get The Fuck Out”, a response to scammers or people with below average intelligence when they try to cause drama or trouble

Jack – Someone whose response has nothing to do with the original trade or topic of discussion


Leavers – also, “Negative feedback leavers”, people that start trades just for the opportunity to leave negative feedback.

MG – Moneygram

MIM – Man in the Middle scam, (see in depth explanation here)

Newb – New trader

Noob – Like newb, but resembles boob

PayPal – An online payment service that is easily reversed and often used by scammers

PreyPal – What many of the more experienced traders people call PayPal

Scammer – A person who perpetrates a scam

Serve 2 Serve – an American Express Serve Card transfer to another American Express Serve Card

Spacker – It comes from the word spastic. It is a buyer who is freaking out, complaining, asking stupid questions and generally annoying or wasting time.

Spammer – One who posts unsolicited information or repeatedly posts the same information more than once in a short amount of time

Spamvert – A post in a forum that is purely meant for advertising

Stat Padder – Person who opens a new account and increases their own statistics with fake trades

STFU – “shut the fuck up”. When someone makes claims that may be doubted they are told to provide proof or “STFU”

Support – In bitcoins there is no true support

Stamp – Bitstamp, generally used to refer to international market price

WU – Western Union

Windowlicker – Someone who believes that because they can open a Coinbase account or find bitcoins, they can be a bitcoin seller. Unfortunately they have no idea what they are doing and will likely get scammed, in legal trouble, have their accounts closed or a combination of those.

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