BTC Legal Compliance

We are a legal business that complies with all local, state and federal laws.

The great thing about bitcoin is its anonymity and ease of use. At the same time we are a real and legal business encouraging the real and legal use of bitcoin.

  1. Anyone stating that their intention is to engage in an illegal activity will be refused service.
  2. We do not trade with those who use VOIP, Google Voice, Pinger, chat apps or any other type of burner number.
  3. All customers must have a normal phone number (cell phone or land line).


Our Services

  • We sell bitcoin to be used as a commodity
  • We offer consulting services for business interested in bitcoin
  • We offer technical support for anyone attacked by ransomware
  • We are NOT a currency exchange or money transmitter
  • We do not send money outside the US or to 3rd parties

KYC Standards (Know Your Customer)

  • A valid phone number (no VOIP or burner apps) is required for all transactions.
  • $1 to $2500 USD – When paying with cash, in person no ID is required for most transactions. For online transactions additional verification is often required to prevent fraudulent activities. We reserve the right to request ID at any time.
  • $2501 to $9500 USD – Government issued photo ID and if using Paypal or bank transfer, address verification
  • $9501 or more – Government issued photo ID, address verification and FinCen notification form CTR 8330
  • For clients making large or unusual purchases of bitcoin we reserve the right to request additional identification at any time.
  • Any information received is recorded and stored offline.


AMLA (Anti-Money Laundering Act) Policy
US federal law requires all businesses operating in the United States, regardless of their purpose, to observe AMLA policies and guidelines. You may find these at
We follow FinCEN and IRS guidelines for all transactions.