Crypto Currency Consultations

Do you need help with Bitcoins?
Have questions about other crypto currencies like Ethereum, Monero or Zcash?
Need help putting a bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone?
Want to set up your business to accept and use bitcoin?
Need help with trading bitcoins?
Are you interested in using bitcoins to borrow or investing in P2P loans?
We can help you with all of that!

Free Help

We are a business based on service and convenience, our expertise and advice are not free.
If you are looking for free help Google search is your best option. There are many tutorials online and youtube videos that can help people for free.

Another good option are local Meetup groups for people to network and talk about crypto currencies.

Existing Clients

If you are an existing client we will gladly work out a charge based on your needs and our relationship with you. We take into account your history as our client and offer customized pricing. For some basic services there is no charge at all to existing clients

Basic Services for New Clients – ฿0.2 ETH per hour

For new clients we charge ฿0.2 ETH for each hour of basic services

  • An explanation of what bitcoins, ethereum, litecoin and other crypto currencies are
  • Adding a crypto currency wallet to your mobile phone or laptop
  • Backing up a wallet
  • Discussing legal usage of crypto currencies
  • Security review to make sure your cryptos are safe


Full consultation services for new clients:

For our full consultation service we charge ฿0.2 ETH for the initial 1 hour consultation. We then charge ฿0.15 ETH per hour after that.

  • A review of your needs.
  • Restoring a wallet
  • Discussing trust, scams and the best way to protect your money and privacy
  • Ways to avoid “burning” accounts because of bitcoin trading
  • Setting you up with a personal or merchant bitcoin account on a reputable BTC website


Only a licensed attorney can offer legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice you should contact an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.