GateHub Hacked

File this under “People haven’t learned from the 154 other times online wallets have been hacked.”

The online Ripple wallet Gatehub has been hacked.

Estimates are that over 23 million XRP worth about $9.5 million USD has been stolen, The hack has effected approximately 100 users of the online wallet.

Hacking online wallets and exchanges aren’t new. Mt Gox was hacked in 2011. Poloniex was hacked in 2014. Bitstamp was hacked 2015. Localbitcoins was hacked a few times. At least a dozen other crypto wallets, websites and exchanges have been hacked. Yet people still leave there crypto online.

OK, we are going to spell it out for everyone.


The best way to keep your crypto safe is to use an offline hardware wallet. Back in 2016 we told our readers how to use an old android phone as a cheap hardware wallet. There are other great options like ledger wallets and paper wallets.

Whatever method you use, DON’T LEAVE YOUR CRYPTO ONLINE.

It isn’t a matter of if a website gets hacked. It is a matter of when.

Scott Emick, bitcoin enthusiast and computer security programmer
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