We now offer moderated bitcoin trades!

Bitrated makes trading bitcoin safer!

Bitrated is a website that encourages trust in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Let’s face it, there are a lot of scammers out there in the bitcoin world. Bitrated helps relieve (but not eliminate) some of those trust issues in two ways.

  1. A public trust rating that allows users to stay as anonymous as they like. You can link to just a few accounts with your business name (like we do) or all your accounts with your real name.
  2. A system that moderates bitcoin trades to help insure everyone gets what they agreed to.

More about all of that in the Bitrated FAQ

For a limited time if you leave us a review on Bitrated we will take $25 off your next trade.

To get $25 off your next trade with us leave a review on our bitcoin reputation profile at https://www.bitrated.com/844BankBTC

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