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Bitcoin, ethereum, dash, monero, ripple. Cryptocurrencies can be confusing. Our articles below help you make sense of it.

Localbitcoins.com bans Cash By Mail trades

Today Localbitcoins.com announced that they would no longer allow cash by mail transactions on their service. They did not give a reason but the speculation has been that is was because of fraud that had been experienced by some users. This would be dissapointing when you consider they collect millions of dollars in fees from […]

Is CryptoExMart a scam?

Is CryptoExMart a scam? In our opinion – YES! Recently we noticed many spam comments on our blog recommending the website CryptoExMart. This is the first sign of a scam. They use bots to post the same comment over and over all around the internet. So we did some research. The website is supposedly run […]

Protect your Privacy – Request Data Deletion Template

On May 25th, 2018 a law took effect in the European Union that allowed for consumers to request the complete records any company has on them. It also compels a business to delete that data if requested by the consumer. There are some exceptions but they are few, relating mostly to medical and taxation purposes. […]

LocalEthereum.com Review- a good idea poorly done

We love Ethereum and were excited to hear about LocalEthereum.com. It was touted as the Ethereum version of LocalBitcoins.com. We happily signed up and right away we noticed that the default 2FA they require is through email. It is awesome that they require 2FA. Email is a slow way to do it and if someone […]

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