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Join LocalEthereum

Localethereum.com is a website that is aiming to offer person to person Ethereum trading. They have promised to avoid some of Localbitcoins issues and seem to be off to a good start. There website opens for business on October 21st, 2017 so sign up now. Once Localethereum.com is up and running we will do an […]

Is Liviacoins.com a Scam?

Recently we have seen a lot of comment spam (when fake accounts post comments on blogs and in forums to promote another website) about LiviaCoins.com The facts about Liviacoins The IP addresses they use for their comment spam are proxy servers. We asked around out and couldn’t find any reputable traders that had done business […]

Coinswitch – the scam continues

Last week I posted all the reasons¬†why I personally believe Coinswitch is a scam Coinswitch has added a warning to the top of their page that states ¬†“* Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, final amount you receive may change (high or low) from what you see during comparison.” That disclaim is in the smallest font on […]

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