Current Altcoin Prices

Altcoin prices are the value listed
+ the % fee listed
For example $100 current + 10% fee = $115

Note: We do not do allow VOIP, internet or burner app phone numbers. This is for fraud prevention and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you prefer not to share a valid phone number you are welcome to meet us in person at our Cincinnati location.

Cash in Hand / Local trade
Fee: 8%-25% (for more info choose a location from the homepage)
Amounts: $50-$15,000
Requirements: Valid phone number. Photo ID if amount is over $9500.

Cash by Mail
Fee: 8%
Amounts: $50-$9500
Requirements: USPS tracking information No ID required
US Postal Service ONLY

Money Order
Fee: 10%
Amounts: $50-$9500
Requirements: Stubs/receipt required

Check by Mail
Fee: 12%
Amounts: $50-$9500
Requirements: 1-10 day hold depending on bank and amount. Call for more details.

Gift Cards
Fee: varies
Amounts: $25-$500
Requirements: Cards over $50 must be mailed to us. Amazon, Google and more. Call for prices based on your particular card.