Sell Us Bitcoins!

All prices are BitStamp minus the % listed
For example $100 -5% = $95

Escrow service with a reputable and established company is available. You will pay their 1% escrow fee

For non escrowed transactions payment is made when the coin is received.

Cash in Person
Bitstamp -5% to -20% under
Price is based on amount being sold to us

Cash Deposit
Bitstamp -3% to -20%

– 5th/3rd
– Chase (business accounts only)
– Huntington
– KeyBank
– People Bank
– USBank
– WesBanco

Price based on the amount being sold to us and the bank being used

Money Order
Bitstamp -15%

Bitstamp -20%
Amounts of $500-$900

Priority/Express Mail through the US Postal Service
Bitstamp -3% to -10%

We do NOT make payments through any of the following payment methods
Wire Transfer