Mycelium Local Trader Review


If you buy/sell bitcoin locally and aren’t using the Local Trader feature of the Mycelium Wallet you should be.

I have been using Mycelium Local Trader for about a year now to sell bitcoin. I don’t get a lot of business but the buyers I do get here in Cincinnati have been pretty loyal. I can also advertise in Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville since they are close enough for me to drive to.



  • Really easy for newbs to use
  • Listings are for cash in person only
  • Listings are ranked on how close they are to your geographic location
  • Shows how many times the other person has cancelled so you know if they are a time waster
  • Allows the buyer to see the bitcoins are there and ready to be bought in person
  • Includes a chat feature so you don’t have to give out your personal info if you do want to


  • Ads expire after 90 days. A lot of people place an ad and then never come back or respond to messages so there are a LOT of dead ads cluttering up the listings
  • Scammers try using it to do online trades
  • There is no report button to report dead ads or scammer
  • Ratings are based on the number of completed traders and not actual feedback from buyer/seller


You can download the Mycelium Wallet for Android on the Google Play Store
At the moment Mycelium Wallet is only available for Android but if there was enough interest the devs have told me they would develop an iOS app.

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