LocalLightning.net review

Locallightning.net is a website that uses the lightning network. But it doesn’t really use the network. It is more like Craigslist than a Peer to Peer exchange.

You first have to create a login using http://blockstack.com Once that is done you can use your Blockstack ID to log into Locallightning.net

Your options for placing an ad consist of…
Buy or sell
Amount of BTC

That is all. There is no pricing information, payment terms or types of payment accepted. There is no chat window and the only way people can contact you is if you put your email address into your profile.

As far as we can tell, if someone wants to start a trade the click the “Email” button and send you a message. Which is why Locallightning is more like advertising on Craigslist than trading on Localbitcoins. In the two weeks we have had ads up there have been no legitimate requests.

Have you used LocalLightning? If so leave a comment below!

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