LocalBitcoins needs to fix feedback.

Update January 11th, 2015: After a live chat with Localbitcoins the issues are still present and they refuse to deal with them. You can read the live chat here.

For months everyone has known that the feedback system on Localbitcoins is broken and no one cared. I said that changing it so people could hide anonymously was a bad idea and no one cared.

Now we have scammers like TVToys who are using feedback to blackmail people into changing their comments.

We have traders like RXRob and BItcoin.Babe that get hit with feedback from people that didn’t even complete a trade.

LBC tells us that if someone is a big enough trader you will stay 100% even if people leave legitimate negative feedback for them.

LBC says that other people aren’t important enough for their feedback to matter so it is unconfirmed.

Does this seem like a feedback system that anyone believes is the correct way to grade people and effect their livelihoods?

We suggest that LocalBitcoins make the following changes to feedback

  1. Feedback cannot be anonymous. Changing this would bring transparency and allow people to judge the validity of the claim based on the trader making it.
  2. Any completed trade counts as confirmed.
  3. Feedback from any trade that is canceled or not completed is unconfirmed
  4. Higher level traders don’t get to keep a perfect 100% if they have confirmed negative feedback. No more rounding up for LBCs biggest donors
  5. The ability for someone to leave a response to feedback on their profile
  6. If it is shown that the trader did not abide by the terms of the trade, their feedback is deleted. No more starting trades, ignoring the terms and then later complaining or negging the person.
  7. Once feedback is left it cannot be changed without each revision being show
  8. The trust/neg loophole be closed
  9. Blocking being independent of feedback. You should be able to block someone without having to have a trade and leave them negative feedback.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below.

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