Is a Scam?

Recently we have seen a lot of comment spam (when fake accounts post comments on blogs and in forums to promote another website) about

The facts about Liviacoins

  1. The IP addresses they use for their comment spam are proxy servers known for being overseas spam services.
  2. We asked around and couldn’t find any reputable traders that had done business with Liviacoins
  3. Their website says they have experience but it has only been registered since August 2017
  4. They say they are New York based but we couldn’t find any record of them being properly registered as New York state law requires businesses to do.
  5. There is also no record of their New York Bitlicense

An unregistered business spamming the internet from fake accounts is a pretty good sign of a scam.

Do you think Liviacoins is a scam? Are you a reputable and verifiable bitcoin trader that has experience with them?

4 thoughts on “Is a Scam?”

  • Its a scam, they provided me indian bank account to transfer money, once I transferred they just stopped replying and said they are confirming payment, I did payment on 13-JAN , but did not get any BTC. So guys stay away, I’ve lost my 100$, people have lost much more , please don’t waste your hard earned money on these scammers, if anybody wants I can provide the screenshots of chat with their customer support to prove my case

    • Definitivamente son estafadores, deposité bitcoin y nunca me enviaron el dinero. muy amables en la atención hasta que le das el valor, o dinero o cripto y depués no te conocen.
      Como hacer para dar de baja la página o denunciarlos y meterlos presos?
      que no les suceda a ustedes

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