Is a scam?

We recently received an unsolicited email (spam) from a person named “Helga M” representing Helga wanted us to join their website and begin trading crypto currencies there.

We had never heard of MoonTrade before. Is safe? does NOT list any information about where they are located, who their developers are or how to contact them directly. In fact it has no information at all that can be verified or used to find the people behind it. We were able to link to Russian accounts of various types.

If someone on was to steal your crypto currency you likely would not be able to find any real information about who was behind the theft.

We did an extensive search but could not find anyone that has used In fact the only mentions we could find of were from spam emails, fake accounts and posts from anonymous sources on forums.

On a user known as “cryptodemystified” promoted MoonTrade. He was rated as a scammer by a well know user and linked to scam ICOs.

They often use the name MoonTradeX online. Their Twitter account is equally as scammy with dozens of followers that are fake accounts.

A post on the blog from December 18, 2018 promotes that they allow people to post ads for selling with much less than the reputable crypto trading sites. This may sound great but it removes an important safety check for users. A larger deposit to place an ad weeds out many inexperienced sellers and scammers. A large deposit is a basic protection for buyers. Making it easier for scammers to place ads with a small deposit is a bad idea.

We responded to Moontrade’s spam stating that we would not use their service because their website showed no accountability or safety to its users. Below is their response in its entirety.

Thanks for the feedback. Observing your reaction you obviously have. It read any of Our blog articles, we will be using your response as an example of the low liquidity anti-professional attitude of. Let unregistered businesses that fail. Have a great day being bitter!

Would you give your crypto to a website that engages in spam?

Would you trust staff that sends personal attacks in bad English?

Are you a reputable and verifiable bitcoin trader that has experience with them?

Do you think is a scam?

Share your opinion by leaving a comment below!

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7 thoughts on “Is a scam?”

  • I entered into a bounty with them on Bitcointalk, they have had many legendary members vouch for them. Everyone got paid and it was smooth. Their support team is faster than others. Also, this article is outdated, they don’t have any deposit to list their ads.
    On this date, i’d say your article is misguided and they are legitimate. I reserve the right to change my opinion if new information comes up.

    • That doesn’t address the issue of their spamming people and using fake accounts to promote themselves. Spam and falsifying information are the very definitions of a scam. If they are willing to harass and lie to people what is to stop them from stealing?

    • that is a lie, I am unable to get back my btc from and they dont respond to support tickets either

  • is a very big scam . Once you send payment to them,they will release fake bitcoins in their wallet . You will never be able to withdraw the money from the wallet . Everything will keep on saying null . That is it .They will never respond to you .Its a scammer website . They control everything you see there and they are not legit .Please be aware of this big scam in the name of trade .

    • thank you i almost fell for this scam, i tried sending bitcoin, from my paxful account to see if i can send it back, before i begin trading, i sent as low as $5 btc, paxful took some minutes to send the bitcoin, when i checked my moon trade account, it says anything below $5 will be rejected and marked as spam, never seen that before, i believe every site receive as low as $5 btc as long as you pay sending fee it will be sent. but this moon trade is different

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