Is a scam?

On our blog we get a lot of spam comments. The most recent one is for a website called “

The facts about

  1. The Bitsgap website is based in Estonia, outside of many protections of US and EU laws.
  2. The IP addresses use for comments are in Russia and are linked to known hacking and crypto currency thefy rings.
  3. None of the reputable traders we work with have heard of Bitsgap
  4. They say they don’t have access to your crypto but they keep your wallet private keys so that would be a big lie
  5. They say their API keeps you safe but search the internet for “hacked API” and you will find plenty of examples where that isn’t true.

An unregistered business spamming the internet from fake accounts is a pretty good sign of a scam.

Do you think Bitsgap is a scam? Are you a reputable and verifiable bitcoin trader that has experience with them?

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