Half price bitcoin sale

Tuesday July 18th, 2017 only!
50% off our normal rates and flat 3% for Cincinnati.

We have the opportunity to buy a large amount of bitcoin at a discounted rate. We will pass that savings on to you if you pay in advance.

What does that mean?
You give us cash between 10am Tuesday Juy 18th and 10am Wed July 19th, we will send you the bitcoin before 4pm on July 19th.

What will the price be?
The price will be bitstamp + half our normal fee at the time we send it.
If you make the trade in Cincinnati any amount over $3000 will be 3%.

What does half your fee mean?
It means our normal fees listed below would be cut in half. For example instead of the normal 10% this trade would be 5%

Will I get the coin right away?
No, you will get it by 4pm Wed July 19th.

How much can I buy?
The place we are getting the coin from has a limited supply at this rate. How much you can buy will depend on how much is left when you give us the cash. The first people in will get their coins first.

How do I know I can trust you?
We have 4 years and thousands of trades. That isn’t a reputation we will throw away. If you aren’t comfortable you can still buy the normal way at our normal rates.


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