Why you shouldn’t trust Bitwallet.cc

The 6 week old dispute

As we mentioned last month Bitwallet had major issues with their website and was extremely slow in responding to support tickets or their forum (literally 4-6 weeks). This was surprising because many (including ourselves) had praised them for their live support and fast response.

The issues started before Christmas of 2014. Bitwallet staff finally responded on January 26, 2015 (more than a month later)

We are sorry about this inconvenience, some of the staff was not available during the holidays. We will also be adding couple more people to the team to continue providing excellent services.

What kind of business goes on “holiday” for a month and doesn’t tell their customers or even put up a “CLOSED” sign?

Since then we have emailed Bitwallet.cc twice and still had no reply. A group of well respected traders have even offered to help Bitwallet.cc answer their support tickets. Messages in the forums and on their Twitter and Facebook feeds are still being ignored. We have the dispute shown about from 12/24/14 that is now 6 weeks old and one since 2/8/15, beither of which have been responded to.

We were originally very vocal supporter of Bitwallet because they did show a lot of promise. Since then their website was down (many think it was hacked), disputes are being ignored and there is support is worse than Localbitcoins, we can no longer recommend Bitwallet.cc

We are removing it as our primary bitcoin trading website. We strongly suggest anyone thinking of storing Bitcoins there or trading through their service seriously consider other options.

Those include:
Mycelium (map link here)

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