Does BCH stand for Beggars Conmen and Hasbeens?

Craig Wright has been called a conman because of his claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto announces that they will allow peer 2 peer bitcoin trading without any KYC. They left out the part that it is BCH trading and not actually BTC/Bitcoin trading.

BCH has had an almost continous drop in value since the code was released. Many exchanges have delisted it or called it a waste.

Now the BCH team has tweeted/begged for people to donate approximately 800BCH (about $300,000 USD at the time of this writing.) If you go to BCH fundraising page in a week they have collected about $39000 or roughly 13%.

We can agree that it is not a good sign when an organization has to Twitter beg for donations a week before the launch of their new trading platform. If BCH was doing as well as Jimmy Nguyen and Craig Wright claim wouldn’t businesses and developers be adding to the code without the need for begging?

And isn’t stolen pics of women in bikinis and fake Facebook accounts the way the professional scammers lure in their victims?

Do you think BCH is a crypto hasbeen? Would you trust your money on a website or trading platform that has to beg for money to develop that very same service?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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