Common Scammer Excuses

Scammers like to try to bend the rules, confuse you and generally not follow the terms of trading websites and ads.

General Excuses

  1. Can you do me a favor and change your rules just this one time?
  2. I really am from the US but my IP just says China/Nigeria/Phillipines because I am on vacation”
  3. Please release coins first before I send you the payment. I’ve already been scammed and don’t want to lose my money again.

Regarding Receipts

  1. “I didn’t get a receipt.”
  2. I lost the receipt.
  3. “Trust me it is just a mistake, I really did pay with cash.”
  4. “That is all the receipt, the register just cut off the rest”
  5. “Their printer was broken and I couldn’t get a receipt”
  6. “Someone give it to me for my birthday so I don’t have a receipt”
  7. “I threw the receipt away”

Regarding Pics

  1. “I am trying but I can’t upload a pic”
  2. “My phone is broken so I can’t send you a new one”
  3. “I will retake the picture after you release, my phone is dead right now”
  4. “You don’t need a pic”
  5. “I only have pics of the payment and receipt separate. I can’t take one of them together.”
  6. “I lost my ID so I can’t take a pic right now.”
  7. “I am driving so I can’t take a pic right now”


Regarding Cash Deposits


Regarding Paypal

  1. I will report you to the police

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