Coinswitch wants to pay us off.

You may remember that Coinswitch scammed us in September 2017.

They are a group of scammers from India. After we shared our review Coinswitch contacted us a few times offering to pay us if we changed our review. Cheating someone and paying for reviews further proves they are a scam.

Yesterday, Sharan Nair of Coinswitch reached out to us again. He asked for a skype video chat to resolve some “outstanding issues”.

We refused for a few reasons

  1. There is no outstanding issue. They scammed us and then refused to pay us the altcoin they owe. We wrote a truthful review and made suggestions of how to fix the problems. Since we had already lost money, and didn’t want to lose more time/money, we moved on.
  2. They can’t be trusted so we wanted everything in email for documentation. Paying us to change our review is wrong and likely the reason they didn’t want to put anything in writing.
  3. We offered to work for them as consultants. We would help them correct their issues (as we suggested before) and then update the review based on that. They made clear their intention wasn’t to fix things or pay for our time. They just wanted to pay to change our review and cover things up.
  4. We aren’t going to lose more time/money dealing with a company that is proven to lie.

If they have nothing to hide, why did they block us from commenting on their Medium posts?

We have also heard from many other people who have lost money to Coinswitch. We know that we are respected in the bitcoin community and if we delete our review, more people will lose money.¬†Coinswitch isn’t willing to fix the problems and prove they are trustworthy. They just want to pay us off and hide it.

We proved that Coinswitch reviews are paid for and fake.
We proved that Coinswitch uses deceptive advertising practices.
We proved that Coinswitch doesn’t deliver the coin they agreed to.
We proved that Coinswitch lies to customers about exchange valuations to benefit Coinswitch
Because they are outside the USA when they cheat you there is nothing you can do legally.

You can see all the proof in that review.

Coinswitch, you can’t pay us to do dishonest things. If you want to show you have changed and won’t scam people anymore stop trying to hide your mistakes. Admit you screwed up and fix it (ways to do that were in our review).

If you do those things we will consider updating our review.

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