Coinswitch – the scam continues

Last week I posted all the reasons why I personally believe Coinswitch is a scam

Coinswitch has added a warning to the top of their page that states  “* Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, final amount you receive may change (high or low) from what you see during comparison.”

That disclaim is in the smallest font on the page. If they were sincerely trying to be open and honest, why isn’t that disclaimer as big as the rest of their text?

They also have this guy, who is obviously associated with them;u=1035493

He is posting things like “I found the other side of the story” which insinuates he is an impartial observer. If you look at his account history and comments it seems much more likely he is another one of their fake accounts and that it is the same person that wrote the original replies.;topicseen#new

I see these as further proof Coinswitch uses deceptive practices and that their service should not be trusted.

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