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So one of our sellers (we have two sellers and one buyer in our group) has a single negative rating on Localbitcoins that has dropped his rating from 100% to 99%. That negative rating says “to expensive”. After contacting Localbitcoins we found out that the person who left this feedback had not actually completed a trade. They clicked on the ad, agreed to the price, then later canceled the trade and were still able to leave negative feedback about the price.

A support ticket was created on 1/2/2015 and as of 1/11/15 the issue is still open without a reply in days.

This is further evidence of the major overhaul that LBC needs to do to their feedback system. (We brought this up months ago here).

Is anyone else wondering why are they making changes no one likes (expiring wallets) instead of fixing issues that are months old and answering support tickets?
D.KingSun, 01/11/15 09:37:44 am America/New_York
Hello cincinnatistuff. How may I help you?

cincinnatistuff 09:39:09 am
I had someone leave negative feedback that I was “to expensive”
Could you explain why you will allow someone to start a trade, agree to a price, leave negative feedback for something they agreed to and then mark it as confirmed?
And I realize its not you personally that did this, I meant LBC in general 
D.King 09:44:23 am
Unfortunately, localbitcoins will not be involved in feedback. 
cincinnatistuff 09:45:29 am
But localbitcoins is involved in feedback and they remove false feedback all the time
Or they at least move it to unconfirmed.
D.King 09:48:43 am
Yes, when the feedback is from scammers 

cincinnatistuff 09:50:12 am 
So LBC doesn’t believe its fraudulent to start a trade and agree to the price but then leave negative feedback because you didn’t like the price? 
D.King 09:54:29 am
We will improve the feedback system, however currently users can leave feedback even though the trade is not finished. If you think the feedback is not accurate, please create a ticket, we will check your feedback under your account 
cincinnatistuff 09:54:56 am
So how can it be confirmed if the trade wasn’t finished?
D.King 09:58:20 am
Since you have communicated with each other and have trade experience, even though the trade is not finished, you can still leave feedback if the communication is positive or negative. If you think the feedback is not fair, please send us through ticket. Thank you!
cincinnatistuff 09:59:06 am
Ok, new question. What is the reason for live chat if live chat directs us to creating a support ticket?
And I did create a support ticket, there has not been a reply in days. 
D.King 10:01:07 am
live chat is used to solve simple questions, if the questions are involved account security or wallet issue or need time to investigate, it will be directed to support ticket
Please understand that on weekends, there are less people to work for support, so it may take longer to reply ticket. Thank you!
cincinnatistuff 10:01:58 am
Ok, thank you for all your answers
D.King 10:02:18 am
You are welcome and have a nice day!

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