You can buy up to $15000 worth of bitcoins and altcoins per week using personal or cashier’s checks (no business checks).  Checks require 3-10 business days to clear. The hold time is dependent on your bank (call us for a list of banks with faster release times).

Check requirements

Mail is checked Monday through Friday.  Checks received on Saturday/Sunday will not be processed until the next business day. Failure to adhere to the directions provided may result in delays, payment rejection, or cancellation. No exceptions will be made to accommodate a buyer who does not read the instructions and follow them completely.

  1. Call us at 844-Bank-BTC or use the contact form below. Explain you want to buy with check, what bank it is drawn on, what kind of check it is and the amount.
  2. We will give you the mailing address to send your check and $50 cash deposit to.
  3. Email us your bitcoin wallet address. We only accept wallet addresses that are typed into into an email so we may copy and paste it for accuracy.
  4. Include in the same email a clear and unedited picture of your state issued photo ID.
  5. Once payment is received we will notify you. We cannot receive mail on the weekends.
  6. Coin will be help 10 business days to make sure check clears and fraud prevention. Once the 10 business days is passed we release the bitcoins to the wallet address you emailed us

Cashiers checks from the following banks may be released the same business day
5th/3rd bank
US Bank

Because these banks have a $7-$10 check cashing fee, checks for less than $1000 are not eligible for local cashing and immediate release.