You can buy up to $2500 worth of bitcoin per week using USPS, Western Union, or MoneyGram Money Orders.  Money orders require 2 business days to clear.

In order to buy with money order, you must provide a valid phone number (no voip, Google Voice or burner phones).

Money orders must be blank with the receipt still attached. That means you do not fill out the sender or receipient lines. Money orders that are written on, have the receipt detached or are altered in anyway will not be excepted.

Mail is checked Monday through Friday.  Payments received on Saturday/Sunday?Holidays will not be processed until the following business day. Failure to adhere to the directions provided may result in delays, payment rejection, or cancellation. No exceptions will be made to accommodate a buyer who does not read the instructions and follow them completely.

Step by step instructions to buy Bitcoin using Money Orders

Failure to follow the directions provided below will result in delays, payment rejection, cancellation or an additional 10% service . No exceptions will be made to accommodate a customer who does not read the instructions and follow them completely.

  1. Contact us directly. Explain you want to buy bitcoin using a money order
  2. Email us your bitcoin wallet address and we will give you the mailing address to send the payment to. For accuracy we only accept written wallet addresses (no images) by email or Signal App.
  3. We will respond with an authorization number and mailing address for each individual transaction.
  4. Hand write the authorization number and the statement “payment for Bitcoin to 844BankBTC“. If the note is not included we will not send your Bitcoin. Do not wrap money or package in tape.
  5.  The address is a locked mailbox. Make sure you use tracking and we suggest you send “signature required”.
  6. Once payment is received we will notify you. We do not process transactions on holidays or weekends.
  7. Once payment is verified we release the bitcoins to the wallet address you emailed us

We don’t want to delay transactions or charge service fees. Please help us by following the instructions above.