How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash by Mail

Cash by mail is a great way to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you want to buy Monero because you are concerned with privacy, cash by mail is the way to go.

Besides privacy, sending cash in the mail is often offers the best rates for buying cryptocurrencies. That is because cast by mail is really simple for both the buyer and seller.

We get a lot of people asking about how to send cash by mail so we have made a little tutorial video. Many new people are nervous doing this but it happens all over the US thousands of times a day without problems.

We apologize for the crappy camera work, was trying to do it one handed.

Here are a few quick tips

  1. Always use US Postal Service, never FedEx or UPS
  2. Always send with tracking number
  3. We recommend requiring a signature for delivery
  4. Express mail is about $20 more than priority mail. Express mail will get to most cities overnight and is worth the piece of mind
  5. Use two envelopes, put the cash in one, put that inside the priority/express mail envelope, put the delivery address on both envelopes
  6. DO NOT wrap the money in tape, foil, or anything but money bands or rubber bands. That just makes it look more suspicious if they package is damaged or inspected. It also is a pain in the ass to get the money out of.
  7. Do not wrap the inner envelope in tape. Again, it is unnecessary and a pain in the ass to deal with

Hope all that helps you, if you have a question or suggestion leave a comment below.

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