Review of the bitcoin trading website

New Bitcoin Trading platform
New Bitcoin Trading platform

I do a fair amount of bitcoin trading online and someone over at Bitwallet sent me an email inviting me to try their new trading platform. I have to say, it is a very sharp looking website. It is also much quicker and more responsive than other trading platforms I have tried.

Here are a few of the pros

  • REALLY low trading fee for advertisers – 0.5% of completed trades
  • Ability to search trades
  • Ability for sellers to cancel trades
  • Chat/messaging
  • Much better tracking and stats about trading history
  • Live support through chat box at bottom of every page
  • Messaging system for direct contact with other users that doesn’t require starting a trade to contact them
  • People can’t leave feedback for you until a trade is completed



  • The feedback system looks to be identical to the LBC system and there is no explanation of how it works
  • They are Canadian based, may cause issues with US regulation
  • No way for someone to make a profile including brief information or website link
  • Lots of sellers but no buyers as of yet
  • Only allows trading of Bitcoin, no Litecoin or Dogecoin
  • No user forums
  • No way to block people
  • No option for pricing equations, only % over/under Bitstamp


I just signed up last night so I haven’t completed a trade yet. I will try to keep this updated and once I have completed a trade, report back with my experience.

Update: I have completed more than 20 trades on and I am very impressed. The amount of business there is VERY slow but their service is amazing.


The warning shown at the start of a Bitwallet trade
Email notification of new trade from bitwallet
Email notification of new trade from bitwallet



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