DO NOT send cash using FedEx or United Parcel Service
UPS and FedEx do not allow people to use their services for cash transfers. The US Postal Service does allow cash to be mailed.

You may buy up to $9,000 worth of bitcoin per business day (weekdays only) using cash. Cash payments received weekdays before 4pm EST will be processed the same day. Cash received after 4pm eastern time will be processed the next business day.

Price is set using the Bitstamp exchange at 5pm EST the day the payment is verified.

You must contact us in advance and provide us with a tracking number for the USPS.

Mail is checked Monday through Friday. Mail is not processed on the weekends or holidays. Payments received on weekends/holidays will be processed on the next business day. 

Step by step instructions
Failure to adhere to the directions provided  may result in delays, payment rejection, or cancellation. No exceptions will be made to accommodate a buyer who does not read the instructions and follow them completely.

  1. Call us at 844-Bank-BTC or use our contact page. Explain you want to buy with Cash by mail
  2. Wait for our reply
  3. Place the money in an envelope with a note that says “payment for Bitcoin to 844BankBTC” . If the note is not included we will not  send your Bitcoin. Do not wrap money or package in tape.
  4. After we have accepted your trade email us your bitcoin wallet address and we will give you the mailing address to send the payment to. For accuracy we only accept wallet addresses that have been written into an email so that they may be copied and pasted email or a printed QR code mailed with the payment and payment note.
  5. Provide us the tracking information or we will not reserve the coin We suggest you send “signature required” from the USPS.
  6. Payments must be received by 12pm local time to be processed the same day. Payments received after 12pm local time will be processed the next day.
  7. Once payment is received we will notify you. We do not process mail payments on the weekends or holidays.
  8. Once payment is verified we release the bitcoins to the wallet address you emailed us

Sender is responsible for any and all packages sent, lost or diverted.