Be Your Own Bank


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used by millions of people around the world without having to go through a bank.

No one controls Bitcoins. They aren’t printed like dollar bills, owned by any government and they can be used in any country.

People all over the world use computers to analyze complex mathematical problems. When solved, they produce a bitcoin.  Bitcoin are the most popular form of money known as “cryptocurrency”. There are hundreds of millions of Bitcoin transactions every year. Companies from Dell computer to use bitcoin everyday.

Why do people use bitcoin?

  • They can use them to send money to anyone from your phone
  • They can buy things online without a credit card
  • Private and secure, their name or information is never attached to them unless you want it to be.
  • They are fast, most bitcoin transactions take less than 30 minutes. No more waiting  days for a deposit into a bank account
  • The average bitcoin transaction fee is less than a penny! Compare that to credit cards that charge 3% or money transfer services that charge $10 and more

If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin click one of the links in the menu above. If you want to read more about bitcoins check out this website.