New Bank of America Scam for bitcoin Trades

There is a new scam targeting bitcoin traders on that target Bank Of America accounts. This is meant as a warning only

Currently the scam only seems to be operated by a small group of scammers. To avoid other scammers adopting this method I will not be sharing any specific details about the scam.

Here is what I can shared

  1. Scammers are targeting cash deposit trades
  2. It is not the deposit reversal or “man in the middle” scams that are commonly known
  3. They are coming from buyer accounts with 15-75 trades and less than 3 months old.
  4. There currently is no way to detect the fraud and even a few large sellers with a lot of experience have been scammed
  5. The current recommendation is to hold all BOA trades for 24 hours

I do realize many will not believe me without more details but I cannot share them at this time. Every seller should decide for themselves what risk they are willing to take and if they will heed this warning. I will update this once more details can be shared.

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