Reload Card Requirements

These are the terms for any transaction using gift cards such as PayPal MyCash, Kroger Recharge and Amazon gift cards.

DO NOT start a trade to ask questions. For questions or to prearrange a trade call me at 1-844-Bank-BTC.
Contact hours 8am to 9pm EST (UTC-5)
One Reload card per transaction/reciept.


Do Not Submit Payment information until I have responded I will accept your trade. Please read these instructions in their entirety before initiating a trade.

Failure to adhere to the directions provided  may result in delays, payment rejection, or ultimately trade cancellation. No exceptions will be made to accommodate a buyer who does not read the instructions fully in advance and follow them precisely.


To pay and provide acceptable proof of payment, buyer will need cash US dollars and a digital camera. If proof provided by buyer does not meet ALL of the guidelines, it will not be accepted and trade will be refused. Under no circumstances will bitcoins held in escrow be released before the required proof has been provided.

  1. Using cash, buy the specified type of reload card for the exact amount of the requested trade. Buyer must personally purchase the card. No associates, friends, family, or other parties may purchase the card for you. We do not accept brokered or 2nd hand cards of any type.
  2. Buyer must keep the receipt showing it was paid for by cash. Do not use a debit card, credit card, or gift card to make the purchase. Hard plastic cards are the only acceptable form of payment. No paper cards, e-cards or electronic gift certificates are accepted.
  3. Do not buy more than one reload card per transaction/receipt
  4. Buyer is responsible for any related card/purchasing fees.
  5. Write the message we give you on the receipt
  6. On the back of the reload card, scratch off the coating to reveal the PIN.
  7. Take a digital photograph like the one here (
  8. The PIN on the reload card and the date, time, purchase method, amount on the receipt must all be visible, clear, and legible in one photo.
  9. Send the photo via the messaging system on the website the trade was initiated through. I do not accept payment offsite.

Once the buyer has provided acceptable proof of payment and the reload card has been redeemed, the bitcoins held in escrow will be released to the buyer promptly (60 minutes or less).


Buyer’s payment will be refused if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. Buyer asks to pay with any method other than the method agreed too in that trade.
  2. Buyer asks to change the terms.
  3. Buyer asks to negotiate a different price
  4. Buyer asks to change the amount of the trade
  5. Buyer did not purchase card themself
  6. The receipt indicates that any method other than cash was used for payment
  7. The receipt shows more than one reload/gift card purchased
  8. The receipt indicates that the reload card was purchased more than 24 hours before the trade request was opened.
  9. The buyer does not submit proof of payment which complies with these requirements (
  10. If the seller’s advertised exchange rate for the trade listing changes by 3% or more before the buyer is able to complete payment. A buyer whose trade is declined due to a significant price movement will be welcome to open a new trade request at the current listed price.


Anyone doing any of the following will be suspected in an attempt to engage in fraud. They may receive negative feedback, be permanently blocked from opening future trades, and be reported to the administrators of trading sites.

  1. Submitting as proof of payment a photo that has been digitally altered, cropped or edited in anyway.
  2. Marking payment as complete before sending proof of payment is accepted
  3. Any buyer who attempts to negotiate or change the terms of the trade, the price or the limits.
  4. Submitting multiple trades at once
  5. After starting a trade, not responding to trade messages in a timely manner (20 minutes or less)


If seller requests that buyer cancel the trade request for any reason, the buyer must do so. If the buyer does not do so within 1 hour, a dispute will be opened and they will be blocked. The buyer will also be reported to other traders/websites.



  • New buyers (less than 3 months account history) will be limited in purchasing BTC.
  • Established buyers (6+ months of history and positive feedback of 98% or higher) are welcome to buy up to $1000.00 in bitcoins during any calendar day across all payment methods.
  • No buyer will be permitted to complete an exchange which would place the buyer over this daily limit.


Buyer agrees to these terms and acknowledges that if he leaves any negative feedback it would be for the purpose of committing fraud and his/her trading account should be deleted for committing fraud.

  • You agree that if a trade is completed in under an hour from the time payment is submitted and you receive the amount of coin specified in the trade, you will leave positive feedback/ratings.
  • You agree that if the trade takes longer than specified you will leave positive or neutral feedback
  • If a trade is not completed you agree that feedback is not valid and you will not leave any negative feedback.
  • You agree that if you leave any feedback that includes foul language, threats, hate speech or any attempt to harm the seller’s business/reputation your account will be deleted and the feedback removed

Any trader that breaks these terms agrees that the trading website (Craigslist, Localbitcoins, Bitwallet, ect) may release all records and account information to the seller. They further agree that these records may be used in any criminal or civil actions.